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Lake Sawyer Hawks YouTube Videos



Date Video URL
2016-11-25 Randy Weaver's W
2016-07-23 AMA Cub Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival
2015-09-13 TCMAA Float Fly on Black Lake
2015-09-13 Tom (Doc) Gallagher's "Quack Yak"
2015-09-13 Bob Beatty's Great Planes Easy Sport
2015-09-13 Roy Snyder's Carbon-Z Cub
2015-09-12 Delta Dart Build at Seatac International Festival
2015-09-05 Peter McCowin's de Havilland DH 112 Venom
2015-09-03 Chris Johnson's 1/4 Scale, Gas Powered, Hangar 9 Piper Cub
2015-09-03 Reynold Bourquin's Water Bomber
2015-08-17 Mike Buhler's PT-17 Stearman w/Saito 150 - Maiden Flight
2015-08-01 Lake Sawyer Hawks 2015 Open House
2015-07-20 Ivor Thomas' Canberra ( B-57) Twin EDF w/retracts
2015-07-29 John Jackson's PT-17 Stearman
2015-07-29 John Jackson's P-51
2015-07-23 Dennis Sivak's Sea Twin, Video 1
2015-07-23 Dennis Sivak's Sea Twin, Video 2
2015-07-19 2015 Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival
2015-07-16 Dick Weaver's Albatross Does Barrel Rolls and Loops
2015-05-21 Reynold Bourquin Flys His Puddle Twin
2015-04-02 Maiden Flight of Beaver on Floats -  April 2, 2015
2015-03-12 Reynold Bourquin Flys His "W" - March 12, 2015
2015-03-12 Tom Richards Flys DC3 on Floats - March 12, 2015
2014-10-02 Dennis Sivak and Richard Weaver Fly Pelicans
2014-10-02 Dennis Sivak Pilots the Mud Duck on Floats
2014-09-27 Steve Black Flies a W (dubya)
2014-09-27 Dennis Sivak Pilots the Mud Duck
2014-09-27 Cory Wilson's Extra 260
2014-09-27 Tom Wilson's Grass Hopper
2014-09-18 Pelicans in Andrews Bay
2014-09-18 Dennis Sivak's "W" Meets Fun Cub
2014-09-15 1 Hour Compressed to 49 Seconds of Flying
2014-09-15 Ryan Stewart's Great Planes Rifle1M is Too Fast to Video
2014-09-06 2014 Delta Dart Build at SeaTac International Festival
2014-09-04 Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub, Part 1 Windy
2014-09-04 Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub, Part 2 Very Windy
2014-08-18 John Jackson's Golden Skies Bampf Extreme
2014-08-18 Ivor Thomas' Gentle Lady
2014-08-18 Ken Murdock's F-14
2014-08-18 John Jackson's P 51 B
2014-08-17 Steve Ashmore Extreme Flight Extra 300
2014-08-17 Ken Paoletti Flies His TREX 700E
2014-08-09 Joe Potegal Flies Extreme Flight's Extra 300 EXP
2014-08-07 Randy Weaver's Seahawks "W"
2014-08-07 Dennis Sivak Test Flies and Trims His Pelican
2014-08-02 2014 Lake Sawyer Hawks Open House
2014-07-19 2014 Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival on July 19
2014-07-18 Ted Boessenroth's DJI Quad and Hexa Copters
2014-07-18 Lake Sawyer Hawks J-3 Piper Cub Project
2014-07-17 Bill Babin's Carbon Z Cub BNF on Floats
2014-07-10 Dennis Sivak's Super KnockAbout
2014-07-10 Dick Weaver's Albatross
2014-07-05 Dave Rhodes Flys P-47
2014-07-05 Brian Lowe Flys Precision Aerobatics KMX & W
2014-07-05 Ryan Stewart's TREX 700e
2014-05-22 Dick Weaver Flies Fun Cub and "W"
2014-05-22 Chris Christenson's Taube
2014-05-15 Chris and Dennis Fly Kingfishers at May 15, 2014 Float Fly
2014-05-15 Dennis Sivak's Kingfisher
2014-05-15 Dick Weaver's Pelican
2014-05-01 Dennis Sivak's Vought OS2U-3 "Kingfisher"
2014-02-27 Ruel Vicente's E-flite Apprentice S
2013-12-19 Winter Float Fly - December 2013
2013-07-25 Vern Weimar's Pelican
2013-07-20 2013 Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival
2012-10-18 "W" Days of Fall
2012-10-11 Ted Moser's LT-40 "Trainer on Floats" (Best viewed in 720p HD)
2012-10-11 Ultra Stick-40 & Modified LT-40 on Floats
2012-09-20 Perfecting Twin Engine, HU-16E, Albatross Water Landing
2012-09-20 HU-16E Albatross, Knock About, Polaris, Biplane, & Fun Cub on Floats
2012-09-07 Chris Figueroa's Knock About
2012-08-30 Jon Richards' Spectacular Piper Cub - Float Splash
2012-08-16 Evan Howe's Polaris
2012-08-09 2012-08-09 Denis Sivak's Sig Kadet LT-40
2012-07-28 2012 Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids' Festival
2011-07-21 2011 Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival
2012-07-19 Jim Sutton's Fun Cub
2012-07-05 Hangar 9's 1/4 Scale J-3 Piper Cub on Floats
2012-06-21 More HU-16E Albatross Test Flights
2012-06-14 Richard Weaver's HU-16E Albatross
2012-06-14 Dennis Sivak's Sky Bug
2011-12-22 Lake Sawyer Hawks Winter Float Fly December 22, 2011
2011-11-03 November 3, 2011 Float Fly
2009-03-26 Larry Dunn's 200% W aka Capricorn
2009-??-?? 2009 Indoor RC Flying - SeaTac Community Center
2008-05-15 Lake Sawyer Hawks Float Fly - May 15, 2008


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