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April 5, 2012 Show and Tell



Taurus Plus with Saito F-150, Perry Fuel Pump, Hi-Tec Servos, and Futaba compatible receiver.




Jay Nickell's Hangar 9 Taylor Craft ARF powered by Zenoah 26 gas engine and 18x6 prop which has better pull than stock 16x8.  Model climbs out at a 15 degree angle.  Bought used for $400 at Ultimate Hobby, Jay says the model was a bargain.  Weight is 16 lbs 8 oz.  Field weight limit is 20 lbs at takeoff.




Dennis Sivak's Liberty Sport built from 1968 Sig kit.  6 lb model powered by 4-stroke Thunder Tiger 72.




Fred Carey's yellow Piper Cherokee modified for tail dragger landing gear.  Model is 3.5 to 4 lbs and is powered by .25 glow fuel engine that has lots of power.  Fred also brought a red Allen Aircraft float plane in red and yellow Monocote.  He found that Coverite sticks to the poly urethane undercoat much better than Monocote.




Jay Nickell's Gee Bee built from foam.  Major components are held together with magnets making rough landings cause less damage.  Plane is a good flyer and lands at slow speed while remaining stable.  While unusual for a Gee Bee, the model flies on edge easily.  Plug and play, just add a receiver.  Plane sells for $169.




Several models donated to Lake Sawyer Hawks will be sold at auction.  More details about planes and auction to follow.






Tom Richards' Horton 9 with pusher prop.  Tom is using 100% expo and 100% throw on this foam scratch built.




Tom Richards' T-14V built from 3 and 6 mm Depron.  Model was scaled down to fl indoors and it does 15' diameter loops.





Chris Roach's foam scratch built wing on GAAX Stinson SR6.  Built from 3 mm depron, model weighs 14 Oz, ready to fly.  GWS gear drive motor uses (2) 1500 mAh  2-cell battery.





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