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January 5, 2012 Show and Tell



Ben Weaver's Park Zone P-51D Mustang.  This BNF model is powered by 1300 mAh 3-cell LiPo.  Horizon Hobby - P-51D Mustang BL BNF by ParkZone (PKZ1880)




Tom Richard's year long F-14 Tomcat project has twin ducted fans and rotatable wings.  Tom's efforts to complete this larger scale model has been interrupted over the last year by many indoor scale models.




Dave Temby's P-26A from Hobby Lobby.




Randyl Britten's Baby Blue weighs about 1 pound and has about 1-1/2 sq ft of wing area, 480 size motor, and is scratch built from Depron.  Randyl indicated that more test flights were required due to stall characteristics, but expert advice suggested that more down thrust was typically needed for small foamies.




Roger Steyaert's 2 Meter Radian Pro.  Electric power with folding prop and 1300 to 2200 3-cell LiPo.  Weighs about 36 ounces.  Model has working flaps, rudder, elevator, ailerons, and throttle.  Transmitter is programmed for various modes that link flaps and aileron, etc. for the full range of sailplane maneuvers.






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