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October 6, 2011 Show and Tell



Ray Peters described his pre-assembled, laser cut balsa "Whatsit" by Jim Weaver.  He plans to cover it and install electric motor with 3-cell, 2200 Mah battery that should give about 2 minutes of flight.




Dick Weaver demonstrated his Air Swimmer Shark by flying around the meeting room and described how it was partially swallowed by the indoor flying site air conditioning unit.




Tom Richard's described how he added vertical stabilizers to the underside of his scratch built Sukhoi T-50 fuselage to reduce wallowing at low speed, high angle of attack flight.




Tom Richard's scratch built "Day Dream" prototype has rotating twin electric motors, but gremlins had altered transmitter programming provided by Gerry Drake, so it man be working by the next meeting.




Gerry Drake's Great Planes Ugly Stick ARF will have floats added after check-out flights from the ground.




Gerry Drake's GAUI A-10 Warthog ARF has no steering for nose wheel or rudder control, so twin ducted fans must be programmed in transmitter for ground steering.





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