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January 9, 2015 Presentation and Show and Tell



Bill Wilson - An Air Force Pilot/Weapons System Operator flew the F-111 in Operation Linebacker II in the closing months of the Vietnam war.  Bill gave a slide presentation describing his aircraft, missions, capture, imprisonment and finally his return from North Vietnam.  More details are in the first photo, but his talk reveals far more about his combat duty and military service. 


Thank you Bill for your service in this controversial conflict.











Dennis Sivak - brought his Motion R/C F-86 with a very realistic sounding EDF power system.  This 47 inch wingspan jet is made of foam and has pneumatic retracts.  The 12 blade fan sounds like a real turbine and is powered by a 6 cell 4-5000 mAh battery.  This plane sells for about $300.











Gerry Drake - bought this ARF Trainer from Hobby King in Lakewood.  Hobby King is closing the Lakewood pickup location and moving to a new location in Oregon.






Tom Richards -  brought a Dassault  Rafale ( French) with a hand launcher that was abandoned for finger holes in the bottom of fuselage.  Tom showed his method of building spinners . . .  and he intends to build a model of an airplane car?










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