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June 7, 2012 Show and Tell



Full scale HU-16E Albatross



Ivan's Plans


Dick Weaver's HU-16E Albatross.







Counter-rotating props are mixed with rudder for differential steering.





Dick Weaver's HU-16E Albatross




1/12 Scale Model of Grumman's Flying Boat with Coast Guard Paint.




Nicely finished scratch built model.




Dick Weaver's 1/12 scale model HU-16E Albatross Specifications:




Dave Temby's Saito FA-325 R5, 5-cylinder radial engine.





2 glow plugs per cylinder.





Dave Temby's Uberlites




Bi-plane and Mono-plane ARF conversion in one box.







Tom Richards' Flash Gordon Rocket Ship




circa 1936




Model of Dr. Zarkov's Ship





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