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Club meetings at Cedar Grange #534, 22531 SE 218th St, Maple Valley, WA 98038 on 1st Thursday of each month at

7:00 pm, except for August Open House and December Holiday Potluck.

Next Meeting is October 5th.      All are welcome!

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News, Events, and Flying

For Sale - Clip Wing Monocoupe ARF "The Legendary 110 Special, in 1/4 Scale" with Saito 180.  Total value of about $1000. You can own this remarkable model for a minimum donation of $600.  See more details at the end of the photo gallery.  For more information please contact Randy Ling . (9-12-17)


Click photo for larger view.

Monocoupe Picture

FLITEFEST Slide Show - Scroll down to lots of interesting planes and flight activities.


For Sale - David Chang has the following items for sale:  27" floats ($30), 33" floats ($40), and 38" floats ($50).  Eflite float mounts ($7) fit the floats nicely.  David also has a Hangar 9 1/4 Scale de Havilland Beaver and a Super Cub, both with floats mounted and a Wedgeon for sale. Finally, he has a new pair of Hangar 9 1/4 scale floats (in the box) for sale as well.  You can text David at 425-736-7950 with any questions.  See pictures.


Free - Blue Fan Fold Foam.  Please contact Heath Petty.  Item is available in the Maple Valley area. Even if you don't want the foam, check out the link and the sub-links.  (9-26-17)


I've discovered that the entire "Resources" section of our website needs updated and everyone can help by just sending me links to websites that you think should be on our website.  Thank you for any contributions, Steve Black   (9-9-17)


AMA District 11 (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA)  Facebook Page 


Pilot Stations - Does wire mesh cause signal loss?  To be an effective Faraday cage, wire mesh needs to have a hole size significantly smaller than the signal wavelength.  The wavelength of 2.4 GHz is 12.5 cm or 4.92 inches.  A mesh size of 0.5 inches or smaller is likely to fit the above criteria, but there are several other factors involved.  We have experienced significant wind displacements of the pilot stations using plastic construction barrier.  Many other fields use wire mesh or chain link fencing.  See AMA reocmmendations for Barrier .  Anyone finding a study or other expert opinions to the contrary, please forward your search results to Web Apprentice for publication here. (9-1-17)


Exhibitors needed for Museum of Flight Radio Control Model Exhibition on November 25, 2017.


New Float Fly Rules - Download rules here or get a copy at the next Float Fly.  You must agree and sign the current rules to participate.  (April 2017)


Membership Renewal and New Members - Information and forms are here.


AMA Membership - All members that fly at our field, Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield (MARCA) and Float Fly site MUST have a valid AMA membership card.  AMA membership renewal is required every year.  AMA membership runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31.  If you do not  have a valid AMA membership, stop flying until receiving one.  A park flyer membership is NOT VALID at the field.  (12-3-16)


FliteTest Sea Duck built by Randyl B. at a recent Float Fly  (2-27-17)


Restoration of B-29 DOC  Thanks for the link Gerald and Dave!  (2-27-17)


Latest Spektrum Transmitter Chart


Thanks to freechip on RC Groups for this explanation of DX6 and DX6e differences:  The "real difference" is that the DX6e is a DX6i replacement while the DX6 is a DX9 with fewer channels and a couple less functions. Which means it has antenna diversity, WireLess Trainer functions and Voice Alerts.


What the DX6e has going for it is the new Stick Mode Switch that with a single slide of this switch you can easily change modes BUT more importantly you can have your Throttle Stick spring loaded center. Making it handy for those airplane pilots that want regular stick action and then toggle to spring load the throttle stick for multirotor flying. (some like the spring throttle for MR flying.  (1-15-17)


Current Sound Level Limits -  As of August 3, 2016, King County Use Agreement allows a maximum sound level of 85 dB at 25 feet on exhaust side of gas/glow model.  (10-15-16)


Sound Levels and Model Airplanes - Both of our flying sites are leased from city and county governments.  We have agreed to limit sound levels at both sites and are bound by lease agreements to follow these rules.  To minimize impact on our hobby and keep our flying sites, Randy Ling has perpared a document to help explain how we can attain sound levels at or below the limits.  Please take the time to read "Sound at the Field" and contact Randy if you have any questions.


Flying hours:

  • All Aircraft Limited to 85 dB or less Sound Level at 25 feet:

    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • All Electric Aircraft UNDER 79 dB Sound Level at 25 feet:

    • Sunrise to Sunset 7 days a week

46 gram Indoor Flyer built by Don P.  Video by Brian L.  This incredible aircraft built entirely from small carbon fiber rounds and very light components and materials.


Model Airplane Identification - Because our Float Fly site and Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield are AMA approved flying sites, you must have your plane identified with your AMA and FAA number.  We also suggest your name and contact information in case your plane is found.  You can register on the FAA website.  Get more information at: UAS Registration Q&A.


This requirement covers all remotely-controlled model aircraft, helicopters and multicopters weighing more than 250 grams (~8.8 ounces) flown outdoors.  You will be asked to agree that you will limit all flight operations to 400 feet or less.  You only need to register once, but put the FAA registration number on every model airplane that you fly.  (2-18-16)

Making a foam wing from Depron sheet for the Pelican or other aircraft using the Kline-Fogleman airfoil?  See KF Airfoil  RCGroups Forum  Theory of KF Airfoils


Recent Photos and Videos


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October 5 Float Fly

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February 13 Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield

January 26 Float Fly

Safety Note:  See Safety Page for photos of fire extinguisher locations at Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield (MARCA).  Also note requirements for gasoline powered models.  (9-29-14)

Please be sure to sign-in and out at the field and at the lake so the county and city see how these resources are being utilized.  This will ensure continued support and retention of these valuable resources necessary for our sport.  Please observe all the Field or Float Site rules when you fly as some rules are mandated by the county and city.  (1-11-12)


Indoor Flying Site - for small electric planes and helicopters.  Every Friday afternoon from 12:30 to 3:30 PM at the SeaTac Community Center.  13735 24th Ave S, SeaTac, WA  Cost is $3.75 or $2.75 for seniors.  (1-5-12)


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Blue Angels in a clear sky (not at this years Seafair)



Knat (1992) - Design using foam board. (Charlie G.)  



FliteTest Sportster  (David M.)



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FliteTest Sea Duck  (Randyl B.)