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R/C Tech Tips (Spektrum Programming and Other R/C Technical Articles)


Editor's note:  Most of the Programming Tips below are specific to the DX9, however the DX Family of the newest Spektrum transmitters (Tx) share most common programming capabilities given exceptions for the number of channels.  Heli's and Multirotors are more complex than fixed wing airplanes, so I have not included many tips for these more specialized planes.  You may find what you are looking for by searching popular Heli and Multirotor forums.  Another strategy would be to download Spektrum "setups" for specific models, import them to your Tx, and then look at how they have set up your model or a similar model on your Tx.  Most people are reporting that Spektrum "setups" work very well and I have found that to be true for the VisionAire.



      PA Team Pilot Michael Wargo Flies the Adiction XL
      Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D Episode 1 - "Basic Maneuvers"
      Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D Part 2 - "Throttle, Rolling and Rolling Harrier"
      Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D Part 3 - "How to Hover, Knife Edge and A Routine"
      Definitions of 3D Flying by dukedave5200
      DX9 Airware Change Log Version 1_07
      Spektrum Airware TX Feature Matrix - RC Groups
      Crow Setup by freechip
Differential Steering
      Differential Steering with Throttle Cut by Andy Kunz
      Differential Thrust Mixes for DX9 by john4565
      DX7 - Dual ESC's for Differential Thrust Rudder Control - RC Groups Post 5
      Mixing Differential Thrust by Andy Kunz
      All about BECs for RC model planes - YouTube
      ESC/BEC Power Problem
Flight Mode
      Flight Modes Explained by Len Allessi
      Flight Modes Explained by Sherman Knight
      Flight Mode Deleting by spm File Editing by Andy Kunz
      FM Switch Position and Active Throttle Curve Selection by Andy Kunz
Mechanical Linkage Setup
      Mechanical Setup of Control Linkages by Sherman Knight
      Basic Quick Fix Mixing Tips by Michael Wargo
      Mixing Basics by Andy Kunz
      Basic Mixing Concepts Explained
      Mixes Are Really Simple by Andy Kunz
      Mixing Made Easy by Richard Hanson
      Mixing to Use DX6 Elevator to Control Camera by Andy Kunz
      Mixing to the Right Side vs. the Left Side by Andy Kunz
      Back Mixing Explained by Andy Kunz
      Back Mixing or Reverse Mixing Explained by freechip
      Mixing - Offset, Act Refers to Setting Trim
      DX9 Brake Mix by Andy Kunz
Programming Basics for DX Series Spektrum Tx
      Programming Tips for the Spektrum DX Family of Tx by Andy Kunz and Others  Read This First!
       How to Program Spektrum Tx by Andy Kunz
      Program Inputs, Then Rx Ports, Then Do Mixing - Explained by Andy Kunz
      Difference between Logical Functions and Physical Receiver Ports by Andy Kunz
      Function Controls and Servo Controls by Andy Kunz

      Logical Device Physical Input by Andy Kunz

      Channel Assignment Used to Specify Receiver Output Ports by Andy Kunz

      Turn Off Output to Servo and Move Output to Another Receiver Port by Andy Kunz

      Rx Port Assignments by Andy Kunz

      Use of Switches, Knobs, & Sliders on DX9

      Programming Lever or Slider and Knob by Andy Kunz

      What Constitutes a Channel by Andy Kunz

      DX8 Programming Basics

      DX9 - Analog Inputs as Switch Inputs by Andy Kunz

      DX18 Programming Guide for a Six Servo Sailplane  by Sherman Knight

      Elevon Flight Mode or Inboard Elevator and Outboard Ailerons by Andy Kunz
      DX18 Combi Switch by Andy Kunz
      Travel & Absolute Travel by Andy Kunz
      Aileron Differential Setup by Andy Kunz
      Digital Switch Setup vs. Analog Switch Setup by Andy Kunz
      Digital Switch Setup for 6 Spoken Flight Modes on DX9 by Andy Kunz   
      Throttle Stick Voice Event on DX9 by Andy Kunz
      Setting Up Ailerons and Flaperons on a DLG (Discus Launch Glider) by Andy Kunz
      DJI Naza Programming for Spektrum DX8, DX6, DX9, DX10T & DX18/QQ & soon to be DX18T by freechip
      Initial Programming of a DLG by G_T
      4 Aileron and 2 Flap Servo Setup on DX18G2 by Andy Kunz
      Bind 2 (or more) Receivers to DX9 by Andy Kunz
      High Speed or Low Speed Receivers and Digital or Analog Servos by Andy Kunz
      Spektrum Receiver Chart  (Requires Microsoft Office Excel or Compatible Application)
      Multiple Receiver Binding by StarHopper44
      Sukhoi AS3X Receiver by Mike McConville
      AR635 Receiver Programming by Mike Lee
      Remote Cable Causes  Problems by Andy Kunz
      Compensate for Flaps with Elevator on SAFE Receiver by Andy Kunz
      Strain Relief on Receiver Cables by Andy Kunz
      RC Groups - Spektrum Index by dangerdan
      Spektrum DX6, DX7, DX9, DX18G2 and DX18T Questions and Answers not in the manual ! - RC Groups
      Spektrum Aircraft Setup Downloads - Team Tech Tip - YouTube

      Spektrum DX7S_DX8 & DX9_DX18 Conversion Tool by MutantDesign

      Spektrum Service Group by Andy Kunz
      Spektrum Team Tech Tips - Mike Lee - YouTube
      DX9 Heli Setup (Blade 350 QX3 by FlightEngr
      DX9 Wiki - RCGroups DX9 Links
      Danger Dan's List of RC Groups Posts
      Sequencer Links by czorzella & TM1
      Spektrum DX9, DX10T, DX18 & DX18QQ Sequencer Programming


     Center an Analog Servo Potentiometer by Steve

      Four Servo Elevon Mixing with Y Cable

      Four Servo Elevon Setup by Andy Kunz

      Four Servo Elevon Setup by Steve - Revised 8-8-2016: Corrected Servo Locations in Chart 3

      Servo Arm Tooth Splines by Manufacturer

      Servo Center and Range for Spektrum Tx by Andy and Others
      Servo Gear Materials by Manufacturers
      Servo Menu by Andy Kunz
      Servos 101 - YouTube Video
      Servo Speed Adjustment by Mike Lee
Sound / Voice
      Sound Categories List by Steve
      Sounds Combining Voice Alerts
      Sounds (Multiple) on Switch Change Event by Andy Kunz
      Spektrum Audio Editor Ground School by Red.Sneakers
      Software for Custom Voice Alerts
      Make Voices on DX6, DX7, DX9, DX18 Louder by Andy Kunz
      Volume Control on DX6, DX7, DX9, DX18 by RotoRon and PropsnWings
Spektrum Transmitters (Tx)
      PDF File and Manual Contents Explained by Andy Kunz  Read this First!
      DX7 - Team Tech Tour Spektrum DX7 Gen 2 - YouTube
      Team Tech Tip Spektrum DX6 G2 Flight Modes for Sailplane by Mike Lee
      Spektrum Tx Comparison Chart
      DX9 Tx Review by Michael Heer
      DX6I Can Not be Master for Wireless Trainer by Buschbarber & Xeric
      Raw Input Test Screen by Andy Kunz
      Range Test Spektrum Transmitter by Andy Kunz
      Delete Characters from the Front of a Line in Model Name
      SD Card for Installing Spektrum Updates by Andy Kunz
      Transfer DX7 Gen2 Models to DX18 by Andy Kunz
      Throttle Curve Assigned to Flight Modes by Andy Kunz
      Throttle Trim (Heli) - Normal, LST, and ATL by Andy Kunz
      Trimming with Bryan Hefert
      Trimming Chart
      What is Neutral CG?
      Wireless Trainer Setup - Team Tech Tip - YouTube
      Wireless vs. Wired trainer - DX9 to DX9
      Spektrum DX9 - Wireless Training Setup Buddy Box - YouTube
      Telemetry Logging Setup by Andy Kunz
      Telemetry ROBO Software by Andy Kunz
      Telemetry Software (free) & Setup with Graphs and Screen Shots by BWX_
      Flight Log Key Features by Spektrum
      Telemetry A, B, L, R, F, H Definitions for AR8000 by vlad_vy
      TM1000 Antenna Placement by Andy Kunz
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