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Foamy Plans



Note:  Some documents with pictures may take a few minutes to load from the server.

Boogie's FA-18 Hornet Pusher Plans


FA-18 Tiled

Suggested Parts List

Diablo 3D Batix

Diablo 3D Specs and Info

Diablo 3D (jpg)

Diablo 3D (pdf)

Diablo 3D Tiled


Dragon Plane Plans

Dragon Plane A4 Size Paper

Dragon Plane Letter Size Paper Plan

Extra 300 3D

Extra 330 Tiled

Extra 300


Extra 300 XL

Extra 300 XL Full


Extra 330 3D 3DBatix

Extra 330 3D Specs and Info

Extra 330


F-117 Pusher Plans


Assembly Pictures 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

F-117A 3-views

F-117A Tiled Without Borders

F-117A Tiled with Borders


F-15 Parts

F-15 Parts Tiled

F-15 Plans

F-15 Plans Tiled

F-15 Manual


F-16 Assembly Column AB

F-16 Assembly Column CDE

F-16 Instructions Page 1-4

F-16 Instructions Page 5-8

F-16 Instructions Page 9-10

F-16C Updated Pusher Plans

F-16C 1-HJ

F-16C 2-HJ

F-18 Tile Plans

F-18 Tiled

F-18 Suggested Parts List


F-18E Assembly

F-18E Layout Drawing

F-18E  01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

F-22 Profile Simple Vectoring Thrust Plans


F-22 01 02 03 04

F-22 Front

F-22 Layout

F-22 Letter


F-22 Side


F-22 Laser Sheet 1

F-22 Laser Sheet 2

F-22 Recommendations and Info

F-22 Scratch Built Construction Guide

F-22 Scratch Build Construction Guide

F-22 Twin Microfan Plans


F-22 Post Maiden Scars

F-22 Post Maiden Scars

F-22 Hedge Marks and Trim

F-22 Trim Mounts

F-22 Paint and Panel Lines

F-22 Paint and Lines

Final Paint

Bottom Panel Lines

F-22 Plans 1 of 2 (6 mm)

F-22 Parts 1 of 2 (6 mm)

F-22 Plans 2 of 2 (3 mm)

F-22 Parts 2 of 2 (3mm)

F-35C Mini-Park Jet JSF

F-35C Mini Park Jet 1 Sheet

F-35C Mini-Park Jet Tiled


Katana S Tiled

Katana S Full

Nasty Plane Plans

Nasty Plans Full Sheet

Nasty Plans Tiled

Nasty Building Guide

Regal 3D


Regal 3D Full

Regal 3D Tiled

Sidewinder Missile Plans

Side Winder Plans

SR-71 Pusher Plans

SR-71 Park Jet Plans

SR-71 Tiled 1

SR-71 Tiled 2

SR-71 Tiled 3

SU-47 Pusher Plans

SU-47 3 mm Depron

SU-47 3mm Depron A4

SU-47 6mm Depron

SU-47 6mm Depron A4

Sumo 3D

Sumo 3D

Sumo 3D AO Plans

Sumo 3D Tiled Plans

Thrust Vectoring F-22 Plans

F-22 Park Jet Assy Dwg Non-Tiled

F-22 Park Jet Assy Dwg Tiled

F-22 Park Jet Parts Templates Non-Tiled

F-22 Park Jet Parts Templates Tiled

F-22 Scratch Build Construction Guide

F-22 Park Jet Tail Lettering

F-22 Park Jet Suggested Parts List

Wombat 3D Fun Flier

Wombat A4

Wombat Full Sheet

Wombat Build Guide

Yak 54 Profile Plans

Yak 54 30 Full

Yak 54 30 Tiled

Yak 54 36 Full

Yak 54  36 Tiled

YF-23A Mini-Park Jet Center Prop

YF-23A Mini Park Jet 1-Sheet v2

YF-23A Mini Park Jet v2 Tiled




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