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2014 Piper Cub Project



Lake Sawyer Hawks R/C Club

AMA 4204

Club meetings at  22531 SE 218th St Maple Valley WA 98038  on 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm.  Next meeting is Friday January 9th.  All are welcome!

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Float Site (Ferdinand Boat Launch) Weather

Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield (MARCA)  Weather 

Resources: Q Meeting Minutes   Q RC Dictionary   Q Prop Chart   Q Glow Plug Temp   Q RC Racks   Q RC Reviews   QFoamy Plans

Web Resources:  Q Airplanes   Q Beginner  Q Building  QClubs   Q Electric  Q Fuel   Q Miscellaneous  QJets   Q Radios

 AMA Membership Manual    AMA Insider    AMA Today    RC Groups    B-17    Chief Aircraft    LSH on YouTube




News, Events & Flying Sponsors

Shop at these local businesses that sponsor the Lake Sawyer Hawks


Alaska Airlines

Thank you Alaska Airlines for sponsoring the 2014 Delta Dart Build at the Maple Valley Kids Festival, July 19th


the 2014 Delta Dart Build at the SeaTac International Festival, September 6th.


Visit AMA's website for Plans and Merchandise


Thank You District XI for Sponsoring the 2013 Delta Dart Build




Bryant's Tractor and Mower

RC Aerodyne

RC Hobbies

Thank you RC Hobbies for supporting the 2014 Delta Dart Build






DX8: Why ReBind After Rx Install?


Lake Sawyer Hawks on YouTube


Amazing Engineering:  Foot and Ground Takeoff, Ground and Air Towable,  Foot and Ground Landing




Randy Weaver's Seahawks W





January Meeting Date Changed to FRIDAY, January 9th because the first Thursday in January is New Years Day and Thursday the next week is not available.  (12-5-14)


Happy New Year!


See new photo gallery for December 12 Holiday Potluck.


Models, Kits, Components, and Tools For Sale




New Classified Ad for Models, Kits and Miscellaneous items from Peter Bentley's collection.  Completed models are well made many of them are fitted with servos and other electronic components.  As time permits more items will be added to the list which may include battery chargers, special modeling tools, and more miscellaneous parts for building and finishing models.   (11-22-14)


Please welcome Steve Greene as our new Treasurer. Steve can be reached at or 206-658-5810 (9-25-14)


Safety Note:  See Safety Page for photos of fire extinguisher locations at Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield (MARCA)Also note requirements for gasoline powered models. (9-29-14)


New Photo Galleries for Oct 5 Marlow Anderson Airfield, Oct 16 Float Fly, Nov 2 Museum of Flight Model Exhibition, and Show & Tell on Nov 6.


See a list of ~60 videos currently on the LakeSawyerHawks' YouTube Channel. (9-23-14)




NEW:  Holidays Subscription Sale!


Subscribe today for just $11.95 ó thatís just a $1.00 PER ISSUE. Youíll SAVE $18 off the subscription price; youíll SAVE $66 OFF the cover price. So, donít miss this huge holiday sale!
Sign up at and be certain to enter your special savings code SFSaving14.

Happy Holidays from the entire RC-SF staff.   (12-5-14)


Recent Photo Galleries and Videos

Ryan Stewart's Rifle1M

Dennis Sivak's W


Tom Wilson's Grass Hopper 

September Photo Gallery at MARCA

Cory Wilson's Extra 260

Dennis Sivak Pilots the Mud Duck

Dennis Sivak piloted the Mud Duck on Floats


Photo Gallery Delta Dart Build at SeaTac

Photo Galleries

    July 17 Float Fly

    July 18 MARCA

    July 19 video Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley

August 7 Float Fly

Dennis Sivak's Pelican

Randy Weaver's Seahawks "W"

Ken Paoletti's TREX 700E

Joe Potegal's Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXP

Steve Ashmore's Extreme Flight Extra 300

John Jackson's P-51B with new sound system

Ken Murdock's F-14 Foamy

Ivor Thomas' Gentle Lady

John Jackson's Golden Skies Bampf Extreme

SeaTac International Festival Delta Dart Build

Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub, Part 1 Windy

Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub, Part 2 Very Windy

August 9, 17, and 18. at MARCA

September Float Fly and MARCA

 Show and Tell on September 4th


Wanted to Buy:  Working DX7 - will pay $100.  Non-working DX7 (for parts) - will pay $50.00  Call Tom Richards any time at 206-303-8189 or email Tom at


Membership Renewal and New Members - Now is the time to join or renew your membership for 2014.  All members must have AMA membership and sign a copy of the Membership Application the first year.  New members may bring signed application to a club meeting or mail your application to Dan (Charles) Vencill.  Dan will verify new and renewing members AMA membership with AMA. Renewing members only need to mail or bring renewal fee (check preferred) to Dan at a meeting.  Everyone, bring your AMA card to a meeting to attach 2014 LSH sticker. ( How to Join) (11-9-13)


Fun Cub Accessory Kit,  Floor/Stiffener Kit, Motor Mount, Battery Cartridge, and Aerodynamic Add-ons are available from Morgan RC  Also, check RC Groups "Fun Cub" thread.  (10-05-13)


AMA Membership - All members that fly at our field, Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield, MUST have a valid AMA membership card.  AMA membership renewal is required every year.  AMA membership runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31. If you do not have a valid AMA membership, stop flying until receiving one.  A park flyer membership is NOT VALID at the field. (12-8-12)


Remember: NO SMOKING at the field! (King County contract requirement)  (12-8-12)


Lake Sawyer Hawks adopt General Safety Policy - Read More  (5-23-12)


More AMA info at District XI website.   (1-28-12)


Please be sure to sign-in and out at the field or at the lake so the county and city see how these resources are being utilized.  This will ensure continued support and retention of these valuable resources necessary for our sport.  Please observe all the Field or Float Site rules when you fly as some rules are mandated by the county and city. (1-11-12)


Indoor Flying Site - for small electric planes and helicopters.  Every Friday afternoon from 12:30 to 3:30 PM at the SeaTac Community Center, 13735 24th Ave S, SeaTac, WA.  Cost is $3.25 or $2.25 for seniors. (1-5-12)


City of SeaTac Park Flyer Site - For "Park Flyer" designated airplanes and helicopters.  Electric power only, maximum of 2 pounds and less than 60 mph.  AMA membership not required.  Open 7 days a week at 3000 S. 150th St., SeaTac, WA.  There are setup tables and an astro-turf runway that works well with small landing gear wheels. (1-5-12)


Old News is Here

¨  Click on Last Image to see F-35 Video

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