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Club meetings at  22531 SE 218th St Maple Valley WA 98038  on 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm.

Next meeting is September 3rd.  All are welcome!


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News, Events & Flying Sponsors

Shop at these local businesses that sponsor the Lake Sawyer Hawks


Alaska Airlines

Thank you Alaska Airlines for sponsoring the 2015 Delta Dart Build at the Maple Valley Kids Festival, July 18th


the 2014 Delta Dart Build at the SeaTac International Festival, September 6th.


Visit AMA's website for Plans and Merchandise


Thank You District XI for Sponsoring the 2013 Delta Dart Build




Bryant's Tractor and Mower

RC Aerodyne

RC Hobbies

Thank you RC Hobbies for supporting the 2015 Delta Dart Build







Randy Weaver's Seahawks "W"



"I need a bigger airplane!"





Hot off the press: Spektrum Tx Comparison Chart.  Also a chart for Receivers (requires Excel 2007 or later; not easily converted to PDF, but I'll work on it). (8-11-15)


Making a foam wing from Depron sheet for the Pelican or other aircraft using the Kline-Fogleman airfoil?  See KF airfoil  RCGroups Forum  Theory of KF airfoils


12 NEW articles in How To - R/C Tech  Most are Spektrum programming tips (7-15-15)


September 12th is the Delta Dart Build - at the SeaTac International Festival - Volunteers are needed - contact Dick Weaver.  All volunteers please read Delta Dart Build information and resources.  I updated the document on 8-5-15.


There are some issues with the current design and I have included my discoveries and comments in the Delta Dart Build document.  This is a good opportunity to share your knowledge with the younger generation and test your basic skills at building and flying a simple model.  It's also an opportunity to share your most valuable assets, time and knowledge, with the next generation which will hopefully respond in kind in the future.  Your experience and knowledge will also be added to our document to help make the Delta Dart builds a valuable community asset.  Submit comments to Web Apprentice (Steve Black)


2015 Photos and Videos:



MARCA - Open House on the 1st (90+ degrees) and the 17th;  Float Fly on the 6th and 13th.

YouTube Video: Lake Sawyer Hawks Open House

YouTube Video: Mike Buhler's PT-17 w/Saito 150, Maiden Flight


Float Fly on the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd; MARCA on the 27th and 29th.

Don't click on this Link

YouTube Video: Dick Weaver's Albatross Does Barrel Rolls and Loops

YouTube Video: Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival

YouTube Video: Dennis Sivak's Sea Twin, Video 1

YouTube Video: Dennis Sivak's Sea Twin, Video 2

YouTube Video: John Jackson's P-51

YouTube Video: John Jackson's PT-17 Stearman

YouTube Video: Ivor Thomas' Canberra (B-57) Twin EDF w/retracts


Float Fly on 4th, 11th and 25th, MARCA on 11th

Demo Fly - Seattle Parks Big Day of Play on the 28th


Float Fly on 7th, 21st, and 28th, MARCA on 9th, Silent Auction on the 2nd

YouTube Video: Reynold Bourquin's Puddle Twin  on the 21st


Float Fly on 2nd and 30th, MARCA on 19th and 20th

YouTube Video: Maiden Flight of Beaver on Floats


Float Fly on 5th and 19th,  MARCA on 7th, Work Party on the 7th





















Sound Levels and Model Airplanes - Both of our flying sites, are leased from city and county governments.  We have agreed to limit sound levels at both sites and are bound by lease agreements to follow these rules.  To minimize impact on our hobby and keep our flying sites, Randy Ling has prepared a document to help explain how we can do this.  Please take the time to read "Sound at the Field"  and contact Randy if you have any questions.


Web Site ChangesI've completed  a new "How To" page that features programming tips for the new Spektrum DX series of Transmitters and other related R/C Technology.  My next project is to document setup of a basic system with a step-by-step procedure that will serve as examples for the tricks and tips on the "How To" page.  (5-31-15)


Learn more about the scaled aircraft lab at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center  (4-11-15)


I recently updated my video editing software which now allows me to create HD Blu-ray discs.  The resolution of the video is much higher than the compression used by YouTube.  Contact Steve Black ( Web Apprentice ) if you want a Blu-ray disc of video I have of your airplane.  (4-6-15)


Video of the Month:    (8-8-15)

Also watch  ZR1 vs Jet  (best part is race car driver ride in Blue #7)

Send suggestions to Web Apprentice , Thanks.


Links to Spektrum Tx Programming Help  As Spektrum updates Tx in the DX series, they all share common programming of core features.  Some features are limited by the number of Tx channels or Rx ports.  Topics feature items that are not in the manuals, but discussed on the RCGroups Forum (go to last page for most current topics).  For questions or problems with these links, please contact Web Apprentice (Steve Black).  (2-22-15)


Spektrum Airware Updates (2-20-15)  DX6 1.02, DX7 1.01, DX9 1.07, DX10t 1.09, DX18G2 1.03, DX18QQ 1.05, DX18t 1.01  Spektrum Community Site Login  (2-21-15)


Please refer to new membership form for your 2015 dues and mail paperwork to Steve Greene.  Old forms are acceptable if mailed to Steve or brought to a meeting.  Steve can be reached at or 206-658-5810 If you will not be picking up your sticker at a meeting, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  (9-25-14)

Safety Note:  See Safety Page for photos of fire extinguisher locations at Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield (MARCA)Also note requirements for gasoline powered models. (9-29-14)


See a list of ~60 videos currently on the LakeSawyerHawks' YouTube Channel. (9-23-14)


Membership Renewal and New Members - Now is the time to join or renew your membership for 2015.  All members must have AMA membership and sign a copy of the Membership Application the first year.  New members may bring signed application to a club meeting or mail your application to Steve Greene.  Steve will verify new and renewing members AMA membership with AMA. Renewing members only need to mail or bring renewal fee (check preferred) to Steve at a meeting.  Everyone, bring your AMA card to a meeting to attach 2015 LSH sticker. If you will not be picking up your sticker at a meeting, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  ( How to Join) (12-31-14)


Fun Cub Accessory Kit,  Floor/Stiffener Kit, Motor Mount, Battery Cartridge, and Aerodynamic Add-ons are available from Morgan RC  Also, check RC Groups "Fun Cub" thread.  (10-05-13)


AMA Membership - All members that fly at our field, Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield, MUST have a valid AMA membership card.  AMA membership renewal is required every year.  AMA membership runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31. If you do not have a valid AMA membership, stop flying until receiving one.  A park flyer membership is NOT VALID at the field. (12-8-12)


Remember: NO SMOKING at the field! (King County contract requirement)  (12-8-12)


Lake Sawyer Hawks adopt General Safety Policy - Read More  (5-23-12)


More AMA info at District XI website.   (1-28-12)


Please be sure to sign-in and out at the field and at the lake so the county and city see how these resources are being utilized.  This will ensure continued support and retention of these valuable resources necessary for our sport.  Please observe all the Field or Float Site rules when you fly as some rules are mandated by the county and city. (1-11-12)


Indoor Flying Site - for small electric planes and helicopters.  Every Friday afternoon from 12:30 to 3:30 PM at the SeaTac Community Center, 13735 24th Ave S, SeaTac, WA.  Cost is $3.25 or $2.25 for seniors. (1-5-12)


City of SeaTac Park Flyer Site - For "Park Flyer" designated airplanes and helicopters.  Electric power only, maximum of 2 pounds and less than 60 mph.  AMA membership not required.  Open 7 days a week at 3000 S. 150th St., SeaTac, WA.  There are setup tables and an astro-turf runway that works well with small landing gear wheels. (1-5-12)


Old News is Here









Please report web site issues to Web Apprentice