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2014 Piper Cub Project



Lake Sawyer Hawks R/C Club

AMA 4204

Club meetings at  22531 SE 218th St Maple Valley WA 98038  on 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm.  Next meeting is November 6th.  All are welcome!

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News, Events & Flying Sponsors

Shop at these local businesses that sponsor the Lake Sawyer Hawks


Alaska Airlines

Thank you Alaska Airlines for sponsoring the 2014 Delta Dart Build at the Maple Valley Kids Festival, July 19th


the 2014 Delta Dart Build at the SeaTac International Festival, September 6th.


Visit AMA's website for Plans and Merchandise


Thank You District XI for Sponsoring the 2013 Delta Dart Build




Bryant's Tractor and Mower

RC Aerodyne

RC Hobbies

Thank you RC Hobbies for supporting the 2014 Delta Dart Build






DX8: Why ReBind After Rx Install?


Lake Sawyer Hawks on YouTube


Amazing Engineering:  Foot and Ground Takeoff, Ground and Air Towable,  Foot and Ground Landing




Randy Weaver's Seahawks W




New Fire Extinguisher Mounted on Frequency Kiosk

 (Date of picture 9-27-14)

Existing Fire Extinguisher in Club House


Please make a note of these locations and be sure to have your personal  fire extinguisher* at your fueling location when using aviation gasoline.


*Minimum required rating is class "B"

Fire extinguishers with a Class B rating are effective against flammable liquid fires. These can be fires where cooking liquids, oil, gasoline, kerosene, or paint have become ignited. Two commonly used chemicals are effective in fighting these types of fires. Monoammonium phosphate effectively smothers the fire, while sodium bicarbonate induces a chemical reaction which extinguishes the fire.



Cancelled: November 6th presentation by Bill Wilson about  his experiences in Viet Nam while flying in the swing-wing F-111 due to a schedule conflict.  When Bill is available the presentation will be re-scheduled. (10-9-14)


Please welcome Steve Greene as our new Treasurer. Steve can be reached at or 206-658-5810 (9-25-14)


Safety Note:  See bottom of this page for photos of fire extinguisher locations at  Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield (MARCA).  (9-29-14)


See a list of ~60 videos currently on the LakeSawyerHawks' YouTube Channel. (9-23-14)



Subscribe or extend your subscription using code XTD*2014

(Start at top of  form, fill in each item and code box will appear.)

Offer expires Dec 31, 2014  (10-1-14)

September 15 YouTube videos of  Ryan Stewart's Rifle1M, Brian Lowe's MXS F3P by Hobby King, and 1 Hour Compressed to 49 Seconds of Flying  (9-25-14)


September 18 YouTube videos of Dennis Sivak's W and Pelicans flown by Dennis Sivak and Dick Weaver  (9-28-14)


September 27 YouTube Videos of Tom Wilson's Grass Hopper  New September Photo Gallery for MARCA   (9-28-14)

September 27 YouTube Video of Cory Wilson's Extra 260 (9-30-14),   Dennis Sivak Pilots the Mud Duck and Steve Black Flying a "W" (dubya)   (10-1-14)  On October 2 Dennis Sivak piloted the Mud Duck on Floats , then he and Richard Weaver fly their Pelicans  (10-6-14)

New Photo Gallery of of photos used in September 6 YouTube video of Delta Dart Build at SeaTac International Festival.  (9-23-14)


New Photo Galleries of July 17 Float Fly, July 18 Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield, and photos used in July 19 YouTube video of Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival. (9-23-14)


New Photo Gallery of August 7 Float Fly and YouTube Videos of Dennis Sivak's Pelican and Randy Weaver's Seahawks "W". (8-16-14)


New YouTube Videos:   Ken Paoletti's TREX 700E , (8-17-14)

 Joe Potegal's Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXPSteve Ashmore's Extreme Flight Extra 300 ,  (8-19-14)John Jackson's P-51B with new sound system, Ken Murdock's F-14 FoamyIvor Thomas' Gentle Lady ,  John Jackson's Golden Skies Bampf Extreme (8-19-14),  and SeaTac International Festival Delta Dart Build   (9-12-14), Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub, Part 1 Windy, and Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub, Part 2 Very Windy  (9-13-14)


New Photo Galleries for August 9, 17, and 18. at Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield.  (8-19-14), and September 4th Float Fly and Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield on the 5th and 13th, and new Show and Tell on September 4th. (9-14-14)


Special Event

Flying Model Airplane Exhibit


on November 2nd, 2014 at Seattle's World Class Museum of Flight, 9404 East Marginal Way South, Seattle, WA 98108.  Directions


The Museum of Flight is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.  If you haven't been to the museum lately, this would be a good time to see all the new exhibits and displays since your last visit.


Regular admission required for entry to the museum except for modelers who bring a plane to exhibit,  2 free admissions will be provided.  All types of flying models may be exhibited. For more information contact Dennis Sivak, (206) 244-9828. (8-14-14)  updated (10-3-14)


Wanted to Buy:  Working DX7 - will pay $100.  Non-working DX7 (for parts) - will pay $50.00  Call Tom Richards any time at 206-303-8189 or email Tom at


New Photo Gallery for August 2nd LSH Open House.


New Video of LSH Open House. 


Congratulations to Richard Weaver, winner of the Lake Sawyer Hawks Open House Raffle (Piper Cub kit finished by LSH volunteers).  


New YouTube video of Bill Babin's Carbon-Z Cub BNF with AS3X.  (7-22-14)


YouTube Video of 2014 Delta Dart Build at Maple Valley Kids Festival  (7-21-14)


New YouTube Video of J-3 Piper Cub Test Flights. Get your raffle tickets now!  See 2014 Open House article below.  (7-20-14)


Throttle Cut for Electric Motors  (7-20-14)


Webmaster Needs Your Help With Photos  (7-14-14)


Panning and Auto Shooting; Sometimes photos just don't work out!


New Photo Galleries for June 2014 Float Flys on the 5th, 12th, and 19th, July 2014 Float Fly on the 3rd and 10th, and Marlow Anderson R/C Field on the 5th.  (7-3-14)  (7-5-14)  


New Show & Tell for Tom Richard's restoration of ARF Navy Goshawk, T-45 Trainer. (7-4-14)


New YouTube videos of Ryan Stewart's TREX 700eBrian Lowe's Precision Aerobatics KMX and W , Dave Rhodes' P-47 , Dick Weaver's Albatross, and Dennis Sivak's Super KnockAbout.   Ted Boessenroth flies DJI Phantom and Flame Wheel quad & hexa copters,   (7-6-14)  (7-7-14) (7-15-14) (7-26-14)


New YouTube videos of  Chris Christenson's Taube and Dick Weaver's Fun Cub and "W" at the May 22nd Float Fly.  And a new photo gallery for the May 22nd Float Fly.

(5-30-14)  Updated (6-2-14)


New YouTube videos of Dick Weaver's Pelican, Dennis Sivak's Kingfisher and Chris Christenson's Kingfisher flying with Dennis' Kingfisher at May 15th Float Fly.  (5-18-14)


New Photo Galleries:  May 1st & 8th Float Fly.  (5-14-14)


New YouTube Video of Dennis Sivak's Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher.  Maiden flight discovers some fixable  issues, but overall plane is a great flyer.   (5-1-14)


Construction at Marlow Anderson R/C Field:  "There will be construction activity at Hobart landfill over the coming weeks. They will be doing some light excavation work on the north (lower) part of the landfill to evaluate the integrity of some of the piping and cover penetrations. They donít think it should interfere with the flying club activities as the largest proposed machinery to be used is a small track hoe. Most notable will be more vehicular and foot traffic. Depending on what they find, other activities may be necessary that could interfere. Will keep you up to speed as they learn more."    (5-1-14)


Membership Renewal and New Members - Now is the time to join or renew your membership for 2014.  All members must have AMA membership and sign a copy of the Membership Application the first year.  New members may bring signed application to a club meeting or mail your application to Dan (Charles) Vencill.  Dan will verify new and renewing members AMA membership with AMA. Renewing members only need to mail or bring renewal fee (check preferred) to Dan at a meeting.  Everyone, bring your AMA card to a meeting to attach 2014 LSH sticker. ( How to Join) (11-9-13)


Fun Cub Accessory Kit,  Floor/Stiffener Kit, Motor Mount, Battery Cartridge, and Aerodynamic Add-ons are available from Morgan RC  Also, check RC Groups "Fun Cub" thread.  (10-05-13)


AMA Membership - All members that fly at our field, Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield, MUST have a valid AMA membership card.  AMA membership renewal is required every year.  AMA membership runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31. If you do not have a valid AMA membership, stop flying until receiving one.  A park flyer membership is NOT VALID at the field. (12-8-12)


Remember: NO SMOKING at the field! (King County contract requirement)  (12-8-12)


Lake Sawyer Hawks adopt General Safety Policy - Read More  (5-23-12)


More AMA info at District XI website.   (1-28-12)


Please be sure to sign-in and out at the field or at the lake so the county and city see how these resources are being utilized.  This will ensure continued support and retention of these valuable resources necessary for our sport.  Please observe all the Field or Float Site rules when you fly as some rules are mandated by the county and city. (1-11-12)


Indoor Flying Site - for small electric planes and helicopters.  Every Friday afternoon from 12:30 to 3:30 PM at the SeaTac Community Center, 13735 24th Ave S, SeaTac, WA.  Cost is $3.25 or $2.25 for seniors. (1-5-12)


City of SeaTac Park Flyer Site - For "Park Flyer" designated airplanes and helicopters.  Electric power only, maximum of 2 pounds and less than 60 mph.  AMA membership not required.  Open 7 days a week at 3000 S. 150th St., SeaTac, WA.  There are setup tables and an astro-turf runway that works well with small landing gear wheels. (1-5-12)


Old News is Here

¨  Click on Last Image to see F-35 Video

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